Melek Ta’us: How?

A Month of Written Devotion for

Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel

I met Melek Ta’us while studying Feri witchcraft under Valerie Walker.

The Feri Melek is doubtless differnet, in manifestation if not in soul, from that worshiped by the Yezidi in their native faith.

One thing I want to make clear: I am not Yezidi, nor have I deeply studied (much less joined) their religion. I make no claim that what I have learned of Melek Ta’us, either through my Feri teacher or subsequent visionary experiences with the god, reflect Yezidi lore or practice. In those cases where I somehow come close, it is the power of the Angel. For the times when I am terribly wrong, and give offense to the people who first knew him, I apologize.

I can’t speak to how the Feri came to know Melek Ta’us. It may have been a cross-fertilizaton, a student of both Feri and the anthropology of religion recieving an inspiration, or a student of Crowley who read of a conneciton between the Peacock Angel and Aiwass, Crowley’s inspiring spirit. Or maybe it was Victor Anderson himself, roaming the Astral with a psychic claw hammer and teaching that “all gods are Feri gods.”

However he came to be there, that’s where I met him. A queer god of queer folk, of outsiders, and of people who have gone through the fires. He’s the angel of Hard Lessons, of Teaching Temptations, and of Not Letting You Run From Who You Are.

In that class, I learned the Feri lore about him. Outside of that class, I learned that he’s a diva and that his love is fierce and hard and yet still love.

But that’s tomorrow’s post.


Ember’s doing it, too: How Do I Know Her?

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Ashley Sarver is a queer, nonbinary trans femme, polytheist, gamer, and disability caregiver living in the San Francisco Bay Area. View all posts by Ashley Sarver

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