Melek Ta’us: Soul


Month of Written Devotion for Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel

So, I have to admit, this one stumped me at first. So, I did what any competent researcher would do: I started doing arbitrary web searches of “soul” and “Melek Ta’us” and combinations. On the page listed as the top result, I found:

“By developing devotional service to Melek Taus the soul can enjoy spiritual harmony and spiritual unity with God.”

So, has anyone coined a term for divination by web search? Warren Ellis listed googlemancy back in 2005, but the link to his source goes nowhere.

I’m writing these in small batches, and in my last post I lamented not having some idea of what to do to keep faith with Melek Ta’us. And doing this web search led me to this.

Funny ol’ world, ennit?

Ember’s doing it, too: MWD-Soul

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3 responses to “Melek Ta’us: Soul

  • EmberVoices

    The Wayback Machine to the rescue!

    “Googlemancy is a term which is catching on in occult circles as quickly as its secular counterpart ‘googling’ is in the mainstream. Search engines offer us the ability to train our magickal consciousness using Spare’s framework. Though googlemancy is primarily seen as a divinatory process, it also has applications in enchantment and illumination. Using it to develop adept consciousness is a fairly simple process and starts off by mirroring the letter scramble approach to sigilization.

    The googlemancy approach to sigilization seems contrary to the bulk of material written about sigilization. Then again, the so-called empty handed approach of the adept also seems to run contrary to the bulk of literature written about magick. The statement of intent used in the letter scramble approach to sigils is usually at least one sentence in length and sometimes longer. In contrast, the google approach boils down the statement of intent to a single word, or at most a few words. This word is then entered into the image search function of google.

    The magician should scour the resulting images until they come across one that connects as being directly related to their statement of intent. This image is then charged as a sigil.”



    • Lon Sarver

      Ah, thank you. That’s not quite what I was thinking, but it is similar.

      I do wonder what the marketing-driven skewing of search results would do to seriously attempting to use a search engine for divination.


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